Presidential Failure

A Texas judge recently halted the president’s unilateral decision to grant an unconstitutional amnesty program to millions of illegal immigrants.  The president’s action last year circumvented Congress and the American peoples’ vote for a halt to amnesty.   Not one to let the will of the people get in his way, the president stuck to his decision and implemented his executive order.  

The good news is we can thank the power of the Judiciary for providing the American people with some recourse.  The court’s order blocking the president’s executive order only stops it temporarily.  The president and his team have already begun to seek other ways to implement their amnesty law, and won’t stop until they succeed. 

The president knows only Congress can pass laws, and they have not passed a bill granting amnesty.   Time and time again, his failed leadership has put him at odds with the Legislative Branch.  He forgets he needs to work with Congress, and they are not some group of consultants he can seek out when he deems it necessary. 

The president’s failure is not about one thing; it’s about a pattern of lackluster leadership, and a complete abdication of the constitution.  He believes he can change laws by himself, without any consultation.  The good news: We believe different.  Conservatives control Congress and we are gearing up for the next election.  This time, we will provide the presidential leadership that’s been sorely lacking these last several years.   

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