A New Direction

Liberals have taken our country off the path of prosperity and freedom. Our standing within the world has weakened due to their irresponsible policy. So as we approach the last few days of the election 2014 BAMPAC candidates around the country are using their closing arguments to promote strong conservative values and a return to common sense governing. 

Our candidates have worked hard to put forth an agenda that will grow our economy and put hard working Americans back to work. Conservatives continue to prove they have the courage and the will to advance policies that restore our moral fiber, protect our nation, and remove the heavy hand of government from our lives.

However, strong conservative values and policies are at odds with liberals’ view of government knows best. Now more than ever, we need conservatives to change the direction failed policies of this administration and Senate have put our nation on. We can no longer tolerate the large expansion of government in every function of society. The time has come for voters to demand change in our government; we can start by changing the policy makers we send to Congress.

The failure of the liberal experiment has cost our country too much. BAMPAC candidates will change the path liberals have put us on and put our country back on the right direction.


  • Yuan Zhang
  • Kristie Oaks
  • Alan Barwick
  • Ed Trevis
  • Violet Corey
  • Robert Korvas
  • Christine Nicole
  • Wolfgang Priebe
  • Ira Rigger
  • Robert Dennett

Yuan Zhang just joined.

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