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As you know, BAMPAC Action Fund is working hard to:

  1. Push Dr. Ben Carson to victory in the Republican Presidential Primary!
  2. Propel Senator Elbert Guillory to conservative stardom with a victory this year in Louisiana
  3. Continue outreach and support for the next wave of conservative minorities to run for office
  4. Spread the message of conservatism to minority communities throughout America
  5. Bridge the racial divide by dispelling the Big Lie that conservatism runs counter to the priorities of minorities
  6. Continue to protect our conservative values against liberal attacks and "election year" (fake) conservatives

All of these goals are critical in spreading conservatism; but in order to accomplish these vital goals we will need YOUR help!

Real change takes time and commitment, and I know that you're in this fight for the long-haul. You won't allow our conservative values to fall to the wayside by failing to build a conservative future.

That's why I'm counting on your support today!

Together, I believe you and I can bridge the racial divide in politics and unleash the real potential of conservatism for all Americans, regardless of race.

Thank you for your support!

Alvin Williams, President and CEO of BAMPAC Sincerely,
Alvin Williams
Alvin Williams
President and CEO
Who's donating: from Bethesda , MD donated. Thank you!
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