BAMPAC Candidates Win Big on Election Day

Election Day delivered the change Americans have been calling for over the last several years. In a dramatic statement Americans from every part of the country sent a resounding message to liberals everywhere: The era of big government is over.

BAMPAC candidates at every level of government delivered that message of change to the voters and they rewarded their leadership with election victories. Mia Love and Tim Scott were elected to the House and Senate, respectively; making history and showing that conservative values and messages resonate with a broad audience.

The call for change was felt at the state level, too. Conservatives’ victories at the local and state level lock in our governing principles with the electorate, giving conservatives an opportunity to reach a new generation of voters. BAMPAC supported candidates at all levels of government and is proud of their game changing accomplishment.

This election overwhelmingly dispelled the myth that liberals have all the answers, and that big government is the solution. BAMPAC candidates led the way for a new generation of conservative leaders; but more importantly proved that elections do matter, not the race.


  • Yuan Zhang
  • Kristie Oaks
  • Alan Barwick
  • Ed Trevis
  • Violet Corey
  • Robert Korvas
  • Christine Nicole
  • Wolfgang Priebe
  • Ira Rigger
  • Robert Dennett

Yuan Zhang just joined.

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