Ben Carson Wins Over Conservatives

Americans across the nation are witnessing the dynamic and energizing grassroots movement of Ben Carson. He speaks to the heart of our problems and offers refreshing solutions. Conservatives agree with Carson’s solutions and have helped propel him to the top spot.

Ben Carson is an amazing American and conservative.  He has continued to advocate for the values and principles we at BAMAPAC stand for; frankly, the values that America stand for.  Ben has accepted that call to leadership at a time when our nation needs a strong leader.  He brings a wealth of knowledge and unique experiences.  In other words, he’s not your establishment politician.  In fact, he’s the complete opposite: He wants to make a difference and restore the greatness that is America. 

Liberals will do anything to prevent Ben Carson from being the next president of the United States of America.  They have and will continue to malign his character with viscous and baseless attacks.  However, conservatives have rewarded his hard work and commitment to their issues by supporting him.  They are working tirelessly across the nation to support his candidacy.  Conservatives know and appreciate Ben’s heart and commitment is to a strong and vibrant American; one where America leads again.

It’s no wonder conservatives have railed around Ben Carson and have given him the privilege of being ahead in the polls.  His strong values and commitment to conservative principles explain why conservatives all over the country are coalescing around Ben Carson, and hoping for the ultimate victory.           

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