• Liberals Target Rep. Mia Love’s Seat

    As liberals make their closing argument across the country lets be mindful that in less than 30 days voters will finally determine the course our country will take. One of... Read More

  • Rep. Will Hurd: A True Patriot

    Representative Will Hurd (R-TX) one of three African American Republicans serving in the House continues to impress conservatives with his principled approach to governing. Rep. Hurd is a former CIA... Read More

  • Same Clinton, Different Day

    We are now in the home stretch of Election 2016. By far, this is the most unusual election cycle we have ever seen. But not for what most voters normally... Read More

  • Liberals Target New Hampshire U.S. Senate Race

    With seven weeks left before Americans head to the polls and elect a new president and Congress, House and Senate leaders are working tirelessly to protect their grip on their... Read More

  • Pennsylvania Vital to Republican Maintaining Control of U.S. Senate

    Senate Republicans are waging an aggressive campaign to hold onto their tenuous 54-46 split in the U. S. Senate. This year’s election map overwhelmingly favors Democrats, and they know it.... Read More

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