Democrats Working Overtime to Keep Power

With only a few weeks left before voters take to the polls, liberals are working overtime to keep power in the Senate and stave off encroachment on their minority status in the House. Democrats believe they can hold off conservatives in key states and hold on to their majority in the Senate. This would give President Obama the power he needs to by-pass Congress and issue more executive orders.

If the Senate stays in Harry Reid’s hands, he will advance every liberal policy idea that the president can sign into law. That’s because liberals will give the president cover to continue to grow the size of government and undermine issues important to conservatives. We already know the president will issue more executive orders so he won’t have to work with Congress. But if the Senate stays in their column, the president will be able to do whatever he wants without any checks and balances.

BAMPAC candidates are campaigning all over the country to help ensure conservatives control the House and the Senate. Their conservative values and commitment to freedom are winning voters over all over the country. Senators Tim Scott and Ted Cruz are BAMPAC supported candidates and are vigilant defenders of our freedom and prosperity; they need our support to prevent Harry Reid from staying in power. Liberals are working overtime; so should we.


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