Endorse Burgess Owens for Congress
And Help Him Fight Back Against the Democrats' Despicable Attacks

The Democrats are attacking Burgess, comparing him to the KKK in a desperate attempt to destroy his reputation with the Black Community...

...because Burgess Owens is on a mission to reclaim Black voters from the Democrat Party.

Will you personally endorse Burgess Owens for Congress?
Your endorsement will show Burgess that you have his back as he takes on the Democrats and fights to destroy the Liberal Lies.

Or click here to help reelect Burgess Owens without signing an endorsement.

Dear Burgess,

I'm glad that a patriotic conservative like you has retaken Mia Love's Congressional seat from Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats...

...because you're just the man that conservatives like me need to EXPOSE the Democrats’ racist lies and ENDtheir death-grip on Black voters once-and-for-all.

You're the Democrats' worst nightmare because you're reclaiming Black voters like nobody else can.

I proudly support your reelection to Congress, and you can count on my complete support and prayers. Go get 'em!


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