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Will You Endorse Mark Robinson For Governor Today?Will you personally endorse Mark Robinson for Governor?
Your endorsement will show Mark you have his back as he takes on the Democrats and fights to destroy the Liberal Lies.

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Dear Mark,

I’m one of thousands of Americans encouraging you to run for Governor of North Carolina!

The Democrats have had a stranglehold on Black America for far too long. It’s going to take a Conservative like you to reclaim them from the Democrat Party and ensure future Republican victories.

In fact, if just 12% of Black Americans vote Republican, then it will be impossible for Democrats to win another election. That’s why the radical left is telling them lies, saying things like the Republican Party is the racist party of Jim Crow.

But you and I know that’s not true. That’s why we need someone like you to stand up to them like you did in your historic speech to the Greensboro City Council. We are the majority, Mark!

Please say you’ll run for governor!


        A Fellow Conservative

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