Bigger Government

President Obama released his $3.9 trillion dollar budget last week, and it’s big!  It fulfills liberals’ dream for expanding government and its reach in our personal lives.  Beyond being late with the budget again, Obama’s budget strategy is to align liberals programs with his ever increasing spending.

The fact that the House is in Republican control is a benefit to all Americans.  Without them, spending limits would be broken, and no one would be able to curb liberals’ appetite for greater spending.  Never mind that the program may not be working or no longer needed.  It’s all about appearances.  Smoke and mirrors for liberals. They believe the American people don’t care or will keep silent.

Adding more conservatives to the House like Mia Love will be vital to challenging the president and his spending priorities.  Love will be a great addition to the conservative ranks.  She has the experience and the ability to lead on conservative issues.  Having been a mayor, that had to produce a budget, she understands better than most how construct a budget that maintains our values and promotes prosperity for all.

Obama has already called for raising the minimum wage, without regard for impact it will have on small business, all the while burdening small business with an onerous healthcare mandate: Obamacare.  Obama’s “traditional budget” as he calls it, is more historic than traditional. 

Rather than cut taxes, he raises them, rather promote economic growth, he punishes success.  Bigger government has always been his goal.  For conservatives, smarter and efficient; we have a chance to be both with Mia Love.  Help BAMPAC elect Mia.

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