Help EXTEND Billboards Through Election Day

Black America's PAC Action Fund's billboard supporting Elbert Guillory throughout Louisiana's 4th District.

A victory in this Congressional race will catapult Elbert to conservative stardom on the national stage.

And Elbert will use his stardom to continue his mission of converting black Democrats to Republicans by destroying the liberal myth that only big government can lift people out of poverty.

That is precisely why the Democrats have placed a target on his back. They know that Elbert poses a direct threat to their stranglehold on minority voters.

So join me in supporting Elbert Guillory by chipping in your best gift TODAY.

Your contribution will be put to use immediately to EXTEND our billboards through Election Day!

I must secure these critical billboard extensions within the next 5 days, so please chip-in your support today!

But I can't do it without your generous contribution today.

I'll send you this exclusive bumper sticker for ANY donation TODAY:

Donate ANY amount and get this bumper sticker

Our future - and the future of the Republican Party - depends on your action today.

Alvin Williams, President and CEO of BAMPAC

Alvin Williams
Alvin Williams
President and CEO

Who's donating: from Macomb, IL donated. Thank you!
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