Liberals Target New Hampshire U.S. Senate Race

With seven weeks left before Americans head to the polls and elect a new president and Congress, House and Senate leaders are working tirelessly to protect their grip on their respective chambers.

Many now expect the U.S. House of Representatives to remain in conservative control, while the campaign wages on for control of the U.S. Senate. BAMPAC continues to support conservative senate candidates throughout the country and is working to ensure conservative incumbents are reelected. In New Hampshire, Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) is running against the current governor, a liberal that Democrats expect to defeat Senator Ayotte in November.

Liberals believe the current political climate favors their candidate in New Hampshire and expect to spend millions to unseat Senator Ayotte.  Polling in the race is tight and suggest it could be close.  We know Senator Ayotte is working hard for the families of New Hampshire and our great country.  Her support for commonsense polices that create jobs and reduces the regulatory burden currently placed on small businesses is unmatched.  

Conservatives will determine the outcome in New Hampshire; not liberals.  Live free or Die means something in New Hampshire.  That’s why Sen. Kelly Ayotte should be reelected.  She protects the constitutional rights of every American every day in the Senate, and will continue to do so if allowed to return.  BAMPAC and conservatives around the country stand with Senator Ayotte and we ask you to do the same on November 8th.  



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