Liberals Target Rep. Mia Love’s Seat

As liberals make their closing argument across the country lets be mindful that in less than 30 days voters will finally determine the course our country will take. One of those campaigns will decide the member of Congress for the 4th Congressional District of Utah.

Currently served by Rep. Mia Love (R-UT), the 4th congressional district is one of the most competitive races in the country this cycle.  Rep. Love has worked tirelessly on issues that impact her constituents.  As a result of those conservative positions liberals have target Love and locked her in a tight race. 

These liberals desperately want to take Love down.  Her conservative bent leaves them speechless at times.  She speaks truth to power every day and is making a difference in Washington.  Love’s appeal to the American people is refreshing.  It’s rooted in a strong commitment to service to country and a principled approach to governing. 

That makes her campaign all the more important.  Conservatives need more members like Rep. Love in Congress.  With liberal organizations vowing to spend untold sums of money to defeat her, and unions putting people on the ground to get out the vote, Rep. Love will need our support to defeat this onslaught of liberalism.

With your support BAMPAC will counter liberals’ efforts to unseat a patriot and trusted keeper of conservative principles.  I know BAMPAC can count on you to help reelect Rep. Mia Love next month.


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