1 More Vote to Replace Obamacare

The Republicans are celebrating taking back the Senate from Harry Reid, but you and I can't celebrate because Obamacare is still the law of the land and there is still 1 more vote left on the table.

If we're going to replace Obamacare, then we need all the votes we can get!

The Senate race in Louisiana has come down to a runoff between Democrat Mary Landreiu (who voted for Obamacare) and conservative Bill Cassidy (who has vowed to repeal it).

The Democrats and their millionaire pals have already scheduled millions of dollars' worth of attack-ads hoping to sneak Mary Landreiu to victory below the radar - because they know she'll join a Democratic to roadblock Obamacare repeal in the Senate.

If Mary Landreiu wins, then you could lose this golden opportunity to rid Americans of Obamacare once-and-for-all.

You and I have less than 30 days to retire Mary Landreiu and put Obamacare on the chopping block.

So join me in defeating Mary Landreiu and Obamacare with an EMERGENCY contribution of at least $75 TODAY.

The fight against Obamacare depends on your action today.

Alvin Williams, President and CEO of BAMPAC Sincerely,
Alvin Williams
Alvin Williams
President and CEO
Who's donating: from Pasadena, CA donated. Thank you!
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