Sign Your Letter of Support for Floyd McLendon

The Republican Congressman for Texas CD-04 resigned to join the Trump Admin, and there simply isn't enough time for Republicans to hold a primary to replace him on the November ballot... the CD-04 Congressional District Executive Committee (comprised of the pricinct and county chairs residing in CD-04) will vote amongst themselves on AUGUST 8 for their replacement nominee for Texas' 4th Congressional District.

And because this district is VERY HEAVILY Republican, the CDEC is effectively voting on their next Congressman this week.

Will you help send retired U.S. Navy SEAL Floyd McLendon to Congress?Floyd McLendon has announced his "candidacy," but he already has at least a half dozen competitors.

That's why its critical you sign the "Letter of Support for Floyd McLendon" below.

Your signed letter will be sent to each member of the CDEC as well as newly-elected Texas Republican Party Chairman Lt. Col. Allen West.

Or click here to help Floyd McLendon win without signing the Letter of Support.

Dear [CDEC Member],

I’m writing to express my support for the selection of Floyd McLendon as the Republican nominee to represent Texas’ 4th Congressional District.

As a retired U.S. Navy SEAL, Floyd has the patriotism, experience, discipline, and service-before-self mentality required to be the kind of principled conservative in Congress that Texas’ 4th can be proud of.

And as a Black conservative, Floyd will be able to speak the truth directly to millions of Black voters across America, expose the Democrats’ lies about “racist” conservatives, and reclaim Black voters to the Republican Party.

Therefore, I respectfully request you give serious consideration to casting your vote for Floyd McLendon as the Republican nominee for Texas’ 4th Congressional District.


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