Sign your "Retirement Card" to Mr. Obamacare

Democratic Senator Mark Udall (Co) is proud of his vote for Obamacare saying, "I would do it again. Yes," even though more than 340,000 Coloradans lost their healthcare coverage because of his vote. And if that's not bad enough, Senator Udall (aka Mr. Obamacare) votes for President Obama's liberal agenda an astonishing 97% of the time!

There is an intense battle raging for control of the U.S. Senate right now, and this Senate race WILL determine whether President Obama's liberal agenda will get a rubber stamp from Democrats or a roadblock from conservatives. You and I must retire Mr. Obamacare in order wrestle control of the Senate from President Obama and Harry Reid and prevent them from forcing their agenda on us.

So sign your "Retirement Card" to Senate Udall below and help Black America's PAC run billboard and online advertising aimed at defeating Mr. Obamacare once-and-for-all.

Retirement Card to Mr Obamacare

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