Obama Set to By-Pass Congress and Move on Immigration

President Obama claims conservatives are holding up his agenda and is forced to act alone and implement liberals’ backwards immigration agenda. Keeping in line with his imperial presidency, the president intends to act unilaterally and approve some form of immigration reform. He has repeatedly stated that he intends to use his pen and phone to circumvent conservatives in Congress.

Although conservatives in the House have asked the president to secure the boarder first, before acting on immigration policy, the president refuses to work with the elected members of the House of Representatives. Instead he chooses to work with unelected bureaucrats that are beholden to liberals.

BAMPAC candidates need your help to restore order in the U.S. Senate and stop the president from making his own laws. Immigration is too important to leave Democrats in charge of the Senate. Liberals support Obama’s plan to by-pass the House and serve as a rubber stamp for the president. Conservatives must win in November and they will need your help to be successful. This election is too important.

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