Pennsylvania Vital to Republican Maintaining Control of U.S. Senate

Senate Republicans are waging an aggressive campaign to hold onto their tenuous 54-46 split in the U. S. Senate. This year’s election map overwhelmingly favors Democrats, and they know it. They’re boasting about their prospects of regaining control of the Senate and working with a Democratic president to pass more liberal polices, while at the same time cutting out working with House Republicans to pass legislation.

Among a number of other states, Pennsylvania is one of those must win states, and Democrats hope to knockoff current Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA). They are hoping for a large voter turnout on Election Day to carry their candidate across the finish line. A recent Quinnipiac poll has Sen. Toomey leading his Democratic opponent by a single point.

BAMPAC strongly believes Sen. Toomey is a strong conservative and has a proven track record on reducing the national debt, cutting spending and taxes, and supporting law enforcement. If his Democratic opponent succeeds, her agenda will be the complete opposite. She will be a rubber stamp for a Democratic president, and put our country on a downward spiral into bigger and reckless government.

BAMPAC will work hard to ensure Sen. Toomey is reelected. Voters in Pennsylvania deserve a Senator that will promote economic policies that will grow their economy and provide good jobs for the hard working people of the state. Pennsylvania is too important to Republicans keeping control of the Senate and that’s why BAMPAC fully supports Sen. Toomey’s against his extremely liberal opponent.

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