Presidential Veto

Although the 2014 campaign is over, President Obama and liberals seem to believe it’s still ongoing. They have not moved from the campaign trail and continue to pursue a strategy keen on preventing America from thriving. Let’s take the first major piece of legislation the new Congress took up and approved: the Keystone pipeline.

The Keystone pipeline has been put on hold for several years due to liberals and their environmental base.  The massive infrastructure project is expected to provide significant economic benefits to the country.  The most important benefit is the energy independence the pipeline will deliver.   In addition, the thousands of jobs that the president’s own administration says the project will create make it a project worth approving.

Yet, President Obama has stated he will veto the bill, if it reaches his desk.  So before there was a bill, the president had already declared it was a non-starter.  Apparently the economy and jobs are not the president’s top priorities.  He would rather pander to the environmentalist and prevent our economy from prospering. 

The president may veto the bill this week; but the American people have already vetoed his policies and liberal pandering.  A new group of presidential leaders is on the rise and conservatives will benefit greatly from their participation in the political process.   As the new campaign for president begins let’s ensure we support our conservative candidates and keep liberals from undermining their efforts to bring our country back to greatness.    


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