Senator Ted Cruz Announces bid for President

Texas Senator Ted Cruz announced his candidacy for the highest office in the land: U.S. President. His candidacy kicks-off the 2016 presidential campaign; it also means liberals will step up their attacks on conservatives in an effort to tear them down.

Cruz’s foray into the national spotlight is a great addition.  He brings a great deal of enthusiasm and fresh appeal.  His historic campaign will empower conservatives all over the country and position conservatives to take back the White House. 

Liberals will do whatever it takes to keep the White House in their hands.  They believe that’s the only way to continue the failed policies of the Obama administration.  And they are right: If they are allowed to keep the White House they will continue to promote the failed liberal policies of the Obama team and lead our country down a horrible path of slow growth and diminished standing in the world.

As more candidates announce their intentions to seek the office of the presidency, it’s important for conservatives to stand with them and ensure the next president of the United States believes in the exceptionalism that is America.  


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