The Gentleman from South Carolina

The state of South Carolina is known for its conservative voice in our nation’s governing body. It played a critical role in our primary process and continues to add to the notion that small government works and government cannot solve all our problems.

It’s fitting that BAMPAC salute and support the work of South Carolina’s U. S. Senator, Tim Scott.  Senator Scott has devoted an enormous amount of his life working for the people of South Carolina.  From humble beginnings, Senator Scott worked hard to earn the trust of South Carolinians to become their U.S. Senator.    His voice has helped shape policy on a number of conservative issues that have made their way through the policy making process in Congress.  

We know this election is very important.  And we know we have to ensure conservatives maintain control of the U.S. Senate.  Electing Sen. Tim Scott to his first six year term is a top priority for BAMPAC.  

Sen. Scott has shown his commitment to our values and continues to fight for issues the BAMPAC community cares for deeply.  Without patriots like Sen. Scott, the U.S. Senate would fall to liberal ideology that seeks only to undermine the tenets of free enterprise and balanced regulation. 

If Democrats retake the U.S. Senate, we would face an unlimited amount of liberal policies that would take us back to an era of big and wasteful government.  Senator Scott has earned our support, and we are proud to stand with him in this very important election.

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