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You and I have an exciting and challenging opportunity - right now - to forever change the political landscape of our country in a drastic way. 


The Challenge

The GOP is facing a crippling problem that threatens the future of conservatism in America.

The American electorate has changed, and with it - so too has the formula to win elections. The GOP's goal of turning out their base of older, white voters and winning over independents is no longer sufficient to win presidential elections.

Minority Voting This is because the white share of the overall vote has dropped 15 points over the past 6 presidential elections, and only 20% of the nation's population growth over the next 15 years will be white.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, minorities will account for more than 30% of voters by 2016 - and that number will surpass 50% by 2030.

And in the 2012 election, 80% of those minority votes went to Democrats.

Right now, minorities give Democrats a solid base of 24% of the total vote count. If you add in the Democratic share of the white vote, then Democrats will receive AT LEAST 51% of the total vote in all future presidential elections.

Without winning over minority voters, it will be mathematically impossible for the Republican Party to win another presidential election - and it will become increasingly harder for Republicans to win U.S. Senate and U.S. House seats in swing states.

If this trend continues, the GOP will find itself irrelevant on the national stage - leaving the future of conservative values in America at the mercy of a big-government, liberal majority.

But the solution is not a difficult as it may seem because...

Minority Voters ARE Conservative

Minorities are Pro-Life According to Gallop, 51% of minorities describe themselves as pro-life, and a Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute poll revealed that 83% of Hispanics are pro-life... even those who vote Democratic.

The conservative-leaning U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce represents nearly 3.2 million Hispanic-owned businesses in the United States - all of whom would benefit from lower taxes and less regulation.

A Black Alliance for Educational Options study showed that nearly 90% of southern Blacks support School Choice; and a Social Science Quarterly study revealed that minorities are much more likely to support school vouchers than whites.

Moreover, minority voters (70% of Blacks and 53% of Hispanics) supported Proposition 8 in California, which preserved the definition of marriage as that between a man and a woman.

Believe it or not, most minorities hold conservative values, which represent the best path forward for all Americans - especially minorities.

If minorities overwhelmingly support most of the Republican Party's platform, then why do 70% of Hispanics and an astonishing 90% of Blacks consistently vote Democratic?

The answer is simple: the GOP is not competing for minority voters.

This is true because high-paid consultants and strategists incorrectly advise Republican candidates that campaigning and advertising in minority communities is a waste of time because most minorities believe the BIG lie that...

"All Republicans are Racist"

Minority Troubles after 50 years of Democratic policies Now, you and I know that just isn't true, but many minorities believe this BIG lie is true.

That's because labeling conservatives as racists and xenophobes is the Democrats' entire strategy for maintaining their stranglehold on minority voters.

And this BIG lie is guarded by the liberal media like the gold at Fort Knox because they know the truth could send their house of cards crashing down on top of them.

Liberals know that most minority voters hold conservative values, so they intentionally create a fog of racial tension that isolates conservative minorities from the Republican Party.

If the truth were to get out, it would spread like wildfire through minority communities crippling the Democratic Party in the process.

So how do you and I penetrate the fog of lies and get the truth to minority communities throughout America?

By utilizing a proven method that has already yielded stunning results!

A Proven Path Forward

Increase in GOP Vote Share with Minority Advertising I may shock you with what I'm about to say next:

When given a clear option - minorities WILL vote for Republican candidates.

The problem is that Black and Hispanic Americans don't tune in to conservative broadcasts. They have their own media outlets that are bombarded by Democrats pushing the BIG lie.

If conservatives take on Democrats in minority communities, then the BIG lie will crumble and so too will the Democratic stranglehold on minority voters.

In fact, conservative issue advertising in minority communities has been tested before, and the results were absolutely stunning!

In 2002, a little-known conservative advertising company studied the effects of conservative issue advertising in minority communities on actual minority votes for Republicans on election day.

After saturating minority radio and television stations with conservative issue advertising 8 weeks prior to election-day, their target locations (19 Black and 10 Hispanic) revealed an increase of 3.16% in GOP vote share among Blacks and 6.14% among Hispanics.

A similar test was run again - by the same company - during the 2004 elections with even more impressive results: a 12% increase in GOP vote share among Hispanics and 5% among Blacks (a difference of more than 700,000 actual votes).

The 2004 study was conducted in four swing states, and the increase in minority performance actually pushed George W. Bush to victory. In Ohio, for example, Bush garnered 16% of the Black vote (an increase of 9%), which alone represented an astonishing 74% of Bush's Ohio victory margin. And in New Mexico, the increased GOP share of the Hispanic vote was enough to turn the formerly blue state red!

These studies concluded: "The Republican problem with minority voters is not their liberalism, not their exceptionalism, but their isolation... It is a plain fact that millions of Blacks and Hispanics with conservative views on Right-to-Life, taxation, education, and national defense vote for, and are represented by, Democratic politicians with whom they fundamentally disagree."

Sadly, the men responsible for these amazing studies passed away before they could push the Republican Party to adopt their practices, and very little minority outreach has been done since.

But that's where you and I come in...


Support Victory 2014 Today You and I must pressure the GOP to compete for minority voters nationwide AND show them that advertising in minority communities WILL lead to minorities voting for conservative candidates.

That's why I'm asking you to sign your "Head Out of the Sand" petition TODAY to pressure the GOP to implement conservative issue advertising to minorities.

In addition to signing your petition, I'm hoping you will support VICTORY 2014 - an advertising campaign targeting minority voters to increase actual minority votes for conservative candidates in select campaigns.

On October 1, BAMPAC will roll out a full blitz of Internet, radio and television advertising targeting minorities utilizing the proven methodology above.

But in order to initiate this absolutely vital campaign, we have to raise $75,000 by September 31!

I know it sounds like a daunting task, but I believe wholeheartedly that conservative Americans - like YOU - won't allow your country to continue its freefall to ruin.

You and I could force the GOP to follow our lead - and the solid conservative majority created by an influx of conservative minorities would force Republicans in Washington to actually listen to their conservative base.

So sign your "Head Out of the Sand" petition to help pressure the GOP to implement issues advertising targeting minorities throughout America.

And please contribute $75, $100, or whatever you can afford TODAY to make VICTORY 2014 a huge success.

Let me tell you, unlike any other conservative organizations attempting minority outreach, Black America's PAC is the only one utilizing proven methods to conduct a comprehensive minority outreach effort that will actually affect elections this year!

We are measuring our program's success by increases in actual voting in targeted areas, and our results will be made public following the elections in November.

And I'm hoping to have thousands of petitions to put pressure on the GOP to get their heads out of the sand!

We could save the Republican Party from itself and protect conservative values from a hostile liberal majority.

But the success of VICTORY 2014 depends entirely on YOU.

So please sign your "Head Out of the Sand" petition and contribute $75, $100, or more TODAY to help BAMPAC blaze the trail forward for the GOP.

Black America's PAC

Black America's PAC is run by Black conservatives whose goal is to destroy the negative perspective on conservatism held by minorities in order to bridge the racial divide in politics.

BAMPAC: Bridging the Racial Divide VICTORY 2014 is part of BAMPAC's long-running mission to spread the message of conservatism to minority communities throughout America.

And BAMPAC's efforts to overcome the GOP's minority gap are absolutely vital to overcome the lies propagated by liberals to maintain their iron grip on minority voters.

That's why BAMPAC is so important.

Black America's PAC is wholeheartedly committed to turning VICTORY 2014 into a nationwide program that could cut into the Democratic share of the minority vote so much as to render the Democrats irrelevant in future presidential elections.

And this is not just some far-off pipe-dream... this is a proven program whose success is limited only by the support provided by true conservatives like YOU.

So please make your most generous contribution of $75, $100 or more to VICTORY 2014 TODAY.

And if you can't afford $75, please contribute whatever you can afford.

I hope you understand how vitally important VICTORY 2014 is to the future of conservatism in America.

You and I could set the stage to permanently alter the political landscape in America - creating a permanent conservative majority that will render Democrats irrelevant.

If you and I fail, then we will be staring down the barrel of a permanent liberal majority that is hell-bent on destroying America.

The success of VICTORY 2014 depends entirely on YOU.

But time is quickly running out to raise the $75,000 required to effectively execute VICTORY 2014!

So can I count on your most generous contribution TODAY?

I trust that you won't let the America we know and love disappear forever under fiscal insolvency, Socialism, and big-government.

Thank you for your continued support.

Alvin Williams, President and CEO of BAMPAC Sincerely,
Alvin Williams
Alvin Williams
President and CEO

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