We Know the State of the Union

The President is set to deliver his State of the Union address to the country this week. Already we are hearing he intends to raise taxes on hardworking Americans to help expand an already large bureaucracy. Now without any acknowledgement of the will of the people, the president is set to level fresh new taxes and a host of policies that encourage wasteful spending. It is astonishing to see how liberals have wasted no time in pushing their agenda that was soundly rejected last November.

The backdrop is today’s subpar economy; stagnant wages; and many young people without jobs.  This president has offered no solutions to the challenges we face, yet he is traveling the country before his big speech to proclaim he has a plan.  Well, raising taxes and burdening Americans with more regulations is not the answer. 

In fact, the only good news for our State of the Union is conservatives control Congress and will vigorously provided much needed checks and balances on liberal gusto.  There appears to be nothing the president won’t do and say to advance his liberal agenda.  With the help of Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts’ liberal contemplating a run for president in 2016; Harry Reid, the feisty liberal from Nevada; and Nancy Pelosi, the liberal leader of House Democrats, the president intends to push his liberal policies on the American people with all deliberate speed. 

The American people are well aware of the failed policies of this president and Democrats in Congress.  They expect their duly elected officials, which hold majorities in both chambers to chart a path that brings our country real prosperity while showing strength to agitators around the globe.  Then and only then will our union see any improvement.  

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