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Electing Tomorrow's Leaders

Principled government, Dedicated service, Love of country. BAMPAC candidates make a difference: One election at a time.

Bigger Government

Apr 01, 2014

President Obama released his $3.9 trillion dollar budget last week, and it’s big!  It fulfills liberals’ dream for expanding government and its reach in our personal lives.  Beyond being late with the budget again, Obama’s budget strategy is to align liberals’...

The Politics of Yes

Mar 08, 2014

For years conservatives have been criticized for standing up for smaller government, principled family values, and prosperity for all.  Conservatives warned of the perils of liberals moving an agenda that promised to end basic freedoms, redistribute savings of hard...

Are Democrats Serious?

Feb 09, 2014

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) last week announced that Obamacare will force 2.3 million people to quit their jobs so they can stay home or reflect on life, while taxpayers foot the bill.  The White House noted that this is a good benefit because now folks...

Pelosi, House Democrats Raise $7.5 million in 2013

Jan 29, 2014

House Democrats’ Majority PAC finished the year with more than $7 million.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and liberals across the country contributed significantly to Democrats’ efforts to regain control of the House this November.

Liberals intend to work...

Mia Love - Utah (House)

Mia Love

Utah (House)

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Tim Scott - South Carolina (House)

Tim Scott

South Carolina (House)

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Ken Cuccinelli - Virginia (Governor)

Ken Cuccinelli

Virginia (Governor)

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E.W. Jackson - Virginia (Lieutenant Governor)

E.W. Jackson

Virginia (Lieutenant Governor)

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