Liberals Working Hard to Hold Senate

The U.S. Senate could flip in November and that has liberals working overtime to prevent that from occurring.  Liberals are raising enormous amounts of money to defeat conservatives around the country and are both the Clintons and President Obama.  The Clintons alone are hosting an event with the DCCC to help liberals retake the House. 

But the most glaring outcome that liberals would love to occur, and are potentially planning for, is a tie.  Liberals hope for a 50-50 split, which allows them to hold on to power with Vice President Biden as the tie-breaker.  Liberals would keep their control of committees and continue to approve activist judges and regulators that intend to create laws themselves and circumvent Congress. 

One of those seats that conservative must hold is Tim Scott.  Senator Scott’s election will help conservatives get closer to reclaiming the upper chamber.  With several campaigns too close to call, it will be important that Tim Scott wins his election.  Liberals are doing everything possible to ensure that Tim Scott and other conservatives do not return to the U.S. Senate. 

BAMPAC is working hard to help Tim get elected and help conservatives take back the Senate.  Conservatives have seen the failed polices of this administration and liberals in the Senate.  If Joe Biden is allowed to vote in the U.S. Senate, our country will continue to suffer under liberals’ big government form of governing.  We simple can’t afford it anymore.

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