BAMPAC Issues & Stances

Criminal Justice Reform

Criminal justice reform is one of the most pressing legislative issues today. America spends over $250 billion of tax payer dollars per year locking up 2.2 million adults. We must stay vigilant on crime, but 87% of prisoners are non-violent offenders. The families and particularly children are being ravaged by the lack of regulation and updated policies in the criminal justice system. BAMPAC is committed to support conservative candidates that will pass legislation to bring families back together and stop wasteful spending.

Supporting School Choice

We fervently support school choice, in all its forms: vouchers, charter schools, public-private alliances, and home schooling. Given that education has been the traditional path toward upward mobility for Americans, high-quality education must not be limited to those with access to financial resources. The future of our nation rests on the skills and education of today's youth. Making education a free-market system will increase competition, and force educational institutions to raise current standards.

Empowerment/Enterprise Zones

BAMPAC supports legislation at all levels of government that will provide tax cuts and other financial incentives for entrepreneurs and businesses to jump- start and/or relocate to underdeveloped, often neglected urban and rural areas.

Pro-Life Advocacy

BAMPAC firmly believes that all human life is sacred. Human life in the womb is no different than human life outside of the womb. We support all efforts to save the lives of the unborn. BAMPAC supports candidates who share our commitment to this principle, especially those candidates who support parental notification, agree with the prohibition of government funded abortions and stand in absolute opposition to partial-birth abortions.

Social Security Reform

BAMPAC promotes legislation that will reform the current Social Security system through the creation of private investment saving accounts. Privatization will create more opportunities, economic development, and greater wealth for all Americans. The current system is unsound, but what is most troubling about the current system is its disproportionately detrimental affect on African American families, especially African American males. BAMPAC wants to educate the American people and reform Social Security to increase and ensure economic stability, security and opportunity for all generations.

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