Are Democrats Serious?

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) last week announced that Obamacare will force 2.3 million people to quit their jobs so they can stay home or reflect on life, while taxpayers foot the bill.  The White House noted that this is a good benefit because now folks don’t have to work at jobs they don’t like simply to keep their healthcare. Huh? Why should any of us work if that’s the threshold?

We work because we are Americans; our country is stronger with the contributions of each and every participant.  The notion that people should not work and that it should be considered a benefit is ridiculous.  America is stronger due to the contributions of all able-bodied participants. Obamacare takes this component of American values out of the equation. 

No longer is working a good thing, in America. Government subsidies and big government spenders are now at the helm. However, the problem with liberals’ rationale is rooted in their disdain for the proper function of government.   Liberals have now exposed themselves to the scurrility of the American people. 

Americans understand the value of hard work; and creating a society where everyone contributes to the general welfare. We all know how crazy it is to sell the American people on a bridge to nowhere; but even this is far-fetched. Come on! Are Democrats serious?


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