Liberals’ Debate

Democrats convened their first televised debate of the 2016 Presidential campaign in Las Vegas, Nevada with millions of liberals hoping it would finally be the night Hillary Clinton regains her footing and takes her place as their true frontrunner.  Not to disappoint her block of liberal voters, Hilary Clinton made sure she promised government would take care of everything and blamed republicans for all the woes of society. 

Cleary the unnerving state of our country couldn’t be the fact that liberals have hijacked the free markets with their big government programs and wasteful spending that continues to put our nation further in debt and beholden to foreign countries that hate our way of life.  Or the fact that when liberals controlled Congress they forced their liberal policies on the American people without any debate: Obamacare. 

Not one of those issues made CNN’s debate.  Instead they gave each other high-fives while assaulting American values and rule of law.  We know Bernie Sanders doesn’t care about Secretary Clinton using her personal email account for State department business while potentially compromising our national security. Why should he? He’s a socialist. 

If it wasn’t for the fact that CNN forced the nation to bear witness to this very long and boring debate, we would never have known how out of touch liberals have become with the American people.  When liberals debate they tend to forget that we are a nation of laws that are rooted in the American dream and that we have made America great, time and time again. 

The good news is the nation won’t have to watch too many more of those debates.  The Democratic machine has limited them to just a handful.  Just like with everything else liberals do, their only goal is to cut off debate and stifle democracy.    


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