Mia Love on the Rise

BAMPAC supported candidate Mia Love recently won her primary and is quickly becoming a leading voice on conservative issues throughout the country. 

Love’s commitment to family and country make her a great leader on issues of importance to the BAMPAC family.  Her continued efforts to reduce the size of government and restore principled values to our country position Love well for the job of peoples’ representative.

Love’s personal story embodies what is great about our county.  It reminds us of what’s important, and what’s at stake: A better country for all Americans.  Mia Love’s journey has taken her to the mayor’s office in Saratoga Springs, UT, and made her a champion of conservative values.

Love’s conservative positions make her a big target for liberals.  They want to keep Love from wining the seat so they can undermine other conservatives around the country and take back the Congress.  Liberals are raising millions through outside groups and their leadership PACs.  The funding they receive will be targeted at Love to ensure she does not win in November.

BAMPAC proudly stands with Mia Love and will continue to support her as she makes this historic run to take back our country.  The expansion of the federal government and continued encroachment on our private freedoms must stop.  Mia will make sure liberals are blocked every step of the way in Congress.  Let’s all make sure Mia Love is elected in November.




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