Mr. and Mrs. Clinton, I Presume

It’s not enough that the Clinton’s have made a fortune since leaving the White House on questionable business transaction.  The Clinton’s want us to believe thousands of emails the former secretary of state emailed to a private server contained no classified information.  During her interview explaining why the Clinton’s don’t have to obey the same rules the rest of us have to obey, the secretary insisted there was nothing to it and this whole exercise had to do about nothing. 

Now we now it was about something: An independent inquiry has now revealed that several email transfers to the secretary’s personal email account included classified information.   It’s important to note that this was a very small sample of the thousands of email that were transferred to her personal email account.  In other words, more classified information may in the trove she sent to herself. 

Conservatives have been calling for a complete and transparent review of all the emails the secretary transferred to her personal account.  Finally there is evidence to support what conservatives knew from the beginning: Mrs. Clinton was not entirely transparent with her explanation of what was transferred to her personal account and why.

As a presidential candidate in the Democratic primary, Secretary Clinton is expected to hold the highest ethical standards.  Yet, time and time again we see the Clinton’s flirting with how they chose to adhere to the highest ethical standards.  It seems ethics and integrity need to be explained to the Clinton’s. 

The secretary should explain why she knowingly transferred classified information to her personal email account.  The truth is, conservatives know all too well what to expect with the Clinton’s.  Both Clinton’s, I presume, have every intention of continuing where they left off when last in the White House.  That’s why it’s up to conservatives to ensure we work hard to guarantee a strong conservative is leading out ticket in 2016 and charts a conservative path to regaining the White House.    



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