Same Clinton, Different Day

We are now in the home stretch of Election 2016. By far, this is the most unusual election cycle we have ever seen. But not for what most voters normally would consider unusual. It’s unusual because the Clinton’s actually believe the American people will allow themselves to be swindled into putting them back into the White House.

Conservatives know all too well the consequences of our country electing another Clinton to the highest position in the land.  Secretary Clinton has grown more liberal since she was in the White House with her husband the last time.  And she has proven she will do whatever it takes to be president, even if it means lying about her position on trade policy. To force the American people to endure four more years of more liberal policies and regulatory overreach seems unreal.  

Our country knows how important this election will be, and patriots from all over the country understand it is vital that we elect Donald J. Trump as our next president.  The alternative polices are too extreme and would cripple our national defense and economy.  Recent national polls have Mr. Trump running ahead of Mrs. Clinton and we expect Mr. Trump to do well in all the battleground states. 

This can’t happen without your support.  We know BAMPAC supporters fight every day to make our nation better.  That’s why we know we are getting more of the same with Mrs. Clinton and that’s not good enough.  It’s clear there is nothing new about Mrs. Clinton.  The continuous email scandal drip proves it.  Same Clinton, just a different day.  And still looking out for HRC. Don’t be fooled. 


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