The Politics of Yes

For years conservatives have been criticized for standing up for smaller government, principled family values, and prosperity for all.  Conservatives warned of the perils of liberals moving an agenda that promised to end basic freedoms, redistribute savings of hard working Americans, and grow government so large it would crowed out private enterprise and squeeze small business. Still they were ridiculed.

Nevertheless, conservatives continued to challenge liberals and the president on their failed agenda; at every step conservatives were labeled as the party of “no.”  Liberals and their friends in the media attempted to convince the American people conservatives just wanted to block the president’s agenda and protect special interests. 


Now it appears conservatives may have been on to something.  Obamacare is more restrictive than conservatives imagined; people are losing their health coverage, companies aren’t hiring, and the law hasn’t been fully implanted yet, because the president keeps delaying parts of law: He even knows it’s flawed. 

The American people probably wished conservatives said “no” a little louder and longer.  They are now seeing the realities of the “politics of yes,” and they are as outraged as conservatives were when they began standing up to liberals’ destructive policies.  The “politics of yes” is easy, and requires no courage.  It pleases everyone that believes government knows best and can solve all the world’s problems.    It shouts over no, because the chorus of yes feels and looks good. 

The mess liberals and their “yes we can” agenda have left the country in will take years to correct.  Now is the time to start taking corrective measures.  BAMPAC will continue to support conservative candidates around the country that intend to fix the mess we are in.  The principled solutions of tomorrow will require standing up to the “politics of yes” today.  The politics of yes? No.


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