The Right to Life

Well folks, we are back to the political games of old. The sanctity of life has always been under attack, but ever since liberals pushed to make abortions on demand, conservatives have pushed harder to save the most innocent among us: the unborn.

Liberals, led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid continue to advocate for exceptions to current abortion laws so they can terminate life further along in the pregnancy. BAMPAC has always stood for the sanctity of life, and will continue to do so now as liberals march to terminate life at any stage of life.

Last week, the House was forced to pull a Right to Life bill from the floor, against the wishes of millions of Americans. Conservatives saw how far liberals would go to achieve the goal of on demand abortions. Conservatives fought hard to keep the bill intact, but to no avail. The bill, which would reduce the number of weeks to obtain an abortion to 20 weeks, was a small step in the right direction.

However, conservatives were left to defend the Right to Life alone, while others led the charge to undermine the legislation. BAMPAC supports all efforts to protect the unborn soul, and stands with conservatives that fought the good fight, and continue to do so. Without the help of conservative congressional members, this issue would be swept under the liberal rug. Everyone deserves the Right to Life. Please help BAMPAC make that a reality.

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