We Deserve Better

Many Americans watched in horror as our ally across the pond was under attack by a threat that we were told was contained and of little consequence to the peace and security of western freedoms.  The undeniable fact is they were wrong.  The threat is real, and the Islamic State or ISIS, as they are known, is the number one threat to freedom loving people throughout the world.  

Yet, President Barrack Obama refuses to revise his engagement strategy and take a more muscular approach to ensure ISIS cannot carry out a similar attack here in the homeland.  Let’s be clear: France didn’t have to happen in the way it happened.  If better intelligence regarding ISIS’s aggressiveness and determination to kill innocent people were available, France and the rest of Europe could have been better prepared to deter or defend against the threat.

Well, liberals, and the world for that matter, can clearly see now that conservatives’ concerns were valid and the only ones contained were the freedom loving people of the world.  Conservatives have proclaimed from the beginning that ISIS is a real and present threat, only to be rebuffed by this administration with petty rants about warmongering from the right. 

True conservatives are demanding a stronger response from this administration, but we know we shouldn’t hold our breath.  No change in the President’s strategy is forthcoming.  Instead the only aggression is from the White House pointing the finger at conservatives and downplaying their consistent calls for a comprehensive strategy against ISIS.   

If we have learned anything in all of this: It’s that liberals and this president cannot be trusted to protect America from ISIS.  They believe America is the problem, and the result of their misguided conclusion is a pervasive state of fear.  We’re Americans. We deserve better.       


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