Will You Help elect Tim Scott to the Presidency?
Tim Needs Your Help to Beat Back the Democrats' Attacks

"I'm willing to compete for their vote...  Are you?"

The Democrats will STOP AT NOTHING to silence Senator Tim Scott and destroy his Black voter outreach efforts...

...because the very existence of the Democrat Party depends on it.

You see, Tim has made it his mission to reach out to Black voters with the truth, and his damning critiques of the Democrat Party are spreading like wildfire within the Black Community.

He's opening their eyes to the race-baiting LIES by unmasking the Democrats as opportunistic, self-serving politicians who’ve done nothing but prey on Blacks for decades with lies, empty promises, and failed policies...

...and he's ignited an exodus of Black voters from the Democrat Party.

The Democrats know that if they lose their stranglehold on Black voters, it'll be impossible for them to ever win another election...


The Democrats have unleashed an all-out assault to destroy Senator Tim Scott before he can reclaim enough Black voters to cripple the Democrat Party for decades to come!

So please make a much-needed donation to help Tim Scott FIGHT BACK against the Democrats' attacks!

Thank you, and God Bless.

  Alvin Williams, President     For America,
Alvin Williams
    Alvin Williams
Who's donating: from Las Vegas, NV.
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