• The Right to Life

    Well folks, we are back to the political games of old. The sanctity of life has always been under attack, but ever since liberals pushed to make abortions on demand,... Read More

  • We Know the State of the Union

    The President is set to deliver his State of the Union address to the country this week. Already we are hearing he intends to raise taxes on hardworking Americans to... Read More

  • New Congress, Same President

    The new Congress is underway and the president is still playing from the same old playbook. With the might of a pen, the president has declared he will veto legislation... Read More

  • BAMPAC Candidates Win Big on Election Day

    Election Day delivered the change Americans have been calling for over the last several years. In a dramatic statement Americans from every part of the country sent a resounding message... Read More

  • A New Direction

    Liberals have taken our country off the path of prosperity and freedom. Our standing within the world has weakened due to their irresponsible policy. So as we approach the last... Read More

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